"Wild Bill" Ellison is an entertainer who originally began playing his original, sometimes silly, sometimes risque, songs in college at Michigan State University in the Summer of 1980. He teamed with a friend to form the comedy duo These Guys and performed satirical songs in comedy clubs in E. Lansing and the Detroit metropolitan area. From there he lived in Chicago for nearly 30 years honing his guitar and singing skills as part of the guitar duo The Maverick Brothers: Paul Six and Billy Seven. As Billy Seven he also had a solo comedy act playing bongos for many years as the resident beatnik at The Underground Wonderbar in Downtown Chicago. Bill moved back to Michigan and this time pursued his solo guitar act playing once again in the Detroit metro-area where people began calling him "Wild Bill". He moved to Northern Michigan and is establishing himself in different venues playing old rock and roll covers, originals, cartoon and sitcom show themes and a variety of novelty songs. Alas, he was once a normal boy.


Wild Bill @ Home Demo

Wild Bill @ Dick O'Dow's
Dick O'Dow's, Birmingham, MI

Wild Bill@Potbelly's
Potbelly Sandwich Shop, Royal Oak, MI

Wild Bill@Peabody's
Peabody's Restaurant Lounge, Birmingham, MI